Tag the sound

What is audio tagging? If you are a frequent social media user, then you must be familiar with the word ‘tag’. This type of tagging normally happens when you find a funny meme or video that perfectly depicts your friends or matches their need. This process contains analyzing the content and assigning it to relevant…

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A conference presenter standing by his research poster representing MeMAD.

To be or not to be… multimodal in MT

During the first year of our machine translation efforts in MeMAD, we focused on participating in two shared tasks on multimodal MT: the caption translation task at WMT 2018 and the speech translation task at IWSLT 2018. Starting with the good news, we can note that the MeMAD team won with a convincing victory over…

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Unlocking copyrighted media archives for research

MeMAD research work – especially the parts analysing video and audio – depends on data and media because data intensive methods such as data mining are being used. MeMAD research teams of course use the standard open datasets such as TRECVID, but we have also worked to gain access and get rights to also use…

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