Material from the event can be found here.

Date and time:

Tuesday 16th of January 2018, 09.30-17.00



Visio House, Televisiokatu 4, Helsinki, Finland (map). Meeting room: “Telefunken”



httpss:// (opens around 9.30 on Tue)


Short description of the event:

The seminar presents MeMAD (Methods for managing audiovisual data: combining automatic efficiency with human accuracy), a new three year research and innovation project to develop efficient and accurate automatic language-based methods for managing, accessing and publishing video content. These methods will benefit in particular the creative industries, such as television, cinema and on-demand services, as they tackle with the increasing audiovisual big data. The kickoff seminar is aimed at media industry professionals and users around the world. The seminar brings together the industry with the state-of-the-art research with the aim of exchanging views of current and future challenges in managing audiovisual content and identifying possibilities of collaboration.



Free of cost. Coffee and lunches are provided by the MeMAD project.



Registration ended on Wednesday 10.1.2018.



09.30 Morning coffee & arrival of workshop participants

  • Posters of Objectives and WPs are displayed all day. For details, check 15.00.


10.00 MORNING SESSION (chair: Kim Viljanen)


10.00 Opening words

  • Welcome by the host and goals for the day (Yle: Anssi Komulainen) (5 min)
  • Practical arrangements


10.10 Introduction to the MeMAD project: Mikko Kurimo, Maija Hirvonen

  • Why is MeMaD important? What would be a major success? Project objectives.
  • Structure of the project and how will the planned results be achieved?
  • How can other companies collaborate with the project? Introduction of the advisory board of the project?


10.40 The need for MeMAD: Business, User and Media collection point of views

  • 10.40 Yle, Lauri Saarikoski, Kim Viljanen
  • 10.55 Ina, Jean Carrive
  • 11.10 Advisory board members and other interest groups
    • 11.10 Are Tverberg, TV2 Norway
    • 11.15 Geir Børdalen, NRK
    • 11.20 Tobias Schwahn, ZDF
    • 11.25 Mike Matton, VRT
    • 11.30 Eija-Liisa Markkula, Cultural Service for the Visually Impaired in Finland
    • 11.35 Sami Virtanen, The Finnish Federation of Hard-of-Hearing
    • 11.40 Bernd Benecke, Bavarian Broadcasting
    • 11.45 Discussion


12.00 LUNCH


  • The lunch is served in the downstair restaurant. Please use the password.


13.00 AFTERNOON SESSION (chair: Maija Hirvonen)


13.00 The solutions. Research and business services


13.00 Aalto University, Jorma Laaksonen

13.15 University of Helsinki, Jörg Tiedemann

13.30 University of Surrey, Sabine Braun

13.45 Eurecom, Raphaël Troncy

14.00 Limecraft, Dieter Van Rijsselbergen

14.15 Lingsoft, Tiina Lindh-Knuutila

14.30 INA, David Doukhan




15.00 WORKSHOP SESSION (chair: Lauri Saarikoski)


15.00 Workshop: Poster presentation of Objectives, Work packages and Tasks:

  • Each WP leader organization creates a poster about their WP (including Tasks). Poster stand may also include live demos about related research areas etc.
  • Objective posters are created and presented by the project co-ordinator.
  • Goal of workshop: Identifying cooperation possibilities among project members and external interest groups / advisory board members.
  • Format: open café with posters and postit notes, vote for favorite topics.


16.00 What did we learn today?

  • Outcome of the workshop
  • What’s next?
  • Closing words.